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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 12, 2009 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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hi, everybody. i'm jamie colby, welcome to a brand-new hour, inside america's headquarters. >> i'm glad you're with us. topping the news, al-qaeda releases a new english language video from american born spokesman. friends and family of a missing 28-year-old utah mom holding a prayer service for her safe return as volunteers post thousands of flyers for help finding her and police step up their search. >> and from california to new hampshire, frigid weather grips much of the nation and plays havoc on the roadways. we'll bring you the latest forecast for the rest of the weekend and beyond. the democratic controlled senate narrowly defeat ago gop filibuster of a $1.1 trillion spending bill. the measure boosting funding for
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many federal agencies and it also contains nearly $4 billion in earmark for members of both parties. molly henneberg live in washington on that. good to see you. tell us $1.1 trillion, where is it going? >> reporter: hi, good to see you, too. it goes to fund a good portion of government operations and commitments, excluding defense spending. it gives budget boosts far exceeding inflation. in some cases, an increase of 10%. breaking down the numbers here, of the $1.1 trillion, $447 billion goes to operating budgets for ten cabinet departments, including state, education, health and human services and transportation. also included 2% pay raise on average for federal workers. and over 5,000 home state projects which critics call pork projects, adding up to $3.9 billion, according to a watchdog group. plus, $650 billion in mandatory spending for medicare, medicaid,
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and other federal benefit programs. now, the $626 billion defense spending bill, that's separate, and it will be passed separately in the next week or so. >> let me ask you about the democrats when they held their vote, they left it open for an extra hour to let one member of the caucus get to the capital. what was that all about? >> reporter: democrats made that all 60 votes to shut off debate to shut off a fill buster and that turned out to be joe lieberman who caucuses with the democrats. you see him in the black overcoat and the orange scarf of the he's an orthodox jew who does not drive on saturdays, so he walked from his synagogue after services to the capitol, three miles to cast his vote. >> interesting. also we did note a moment of levity on the senate floor today. you want to tell us about that? >> yes. as one republican senator explained why he would not be at the senate session tomorrow. take a listen to this.
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>> tomorrow my wife and i will be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary with our 20 kids and grandkids. >> let me congratulate my colleague from oklahoma, 50 years of marriage. your wife must be a saint. >> indeed she is. [ laughter ] >> the rest of the senate will be back in session tomorrow and is expected to pass that $1.1 trillion spending bill. jamie? >> i guess that's in lieu of the gift. thank you very much. take care. >> let's move to pakistan where a group of americans are in custody, they're accused of seeking out terrorist training. the five young men are expected to be deported back to the u.s. in the near future. the virginia natives reportedly telling pakinstani police that they were on a mission to be martyred. this is the american face of al-qaeda, releases a brand-new video and new reports of a successful u.s. drone strike against a key al-qaeda member. caroline shively with more from washington. >> reporter: the u.s. officials tell fox the drone strike took
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out an external operations chief for al-qaeda. here is what a senior u.s. counter terrorism official says. there are strong indications that he has died. he was engaged in plotting throughout the world, which given his role, probably included planning attacks against the united states and europe. he took a strategic guidance from al-qaeda's top leadership. there were two strikes by c.i.a. drones in northwest pakistan earlier this week. they've been looking for him for a while because he would have headed any plots outside of afghanistan and pakistan. operational commanders are often described as the number three of the group. they handle the logistic, training and the planning. meanwhile, today al-qaeda's pr wing released a video trying to down play the terrorist groups role in killing innocents, like this in a market that sells women's clothing toys for children. in the video, al-qaeda's american born spokesman says that al-qaeda is being framed for attacks that were actually done by the u.s. and pakistan
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officials. >> my muslim brothers and sister, don't be deceived by their evil plots. don't let them dissuade you from continuing to support the mew ha gentleman seen. >> more than 500 people have been killed in attacks since october. >> thank you very much. a white house memo laying out the first steps for transferring terror suspects from guantanamo bay to u.s. soil. the prison in thompson, illinois is a leading contender to house the prisoners. this is a maximum security facility, about 150 miles west of chicago. administration officials says the memo is just one of many drafts covering various options for relocating all of the detainees, the white house says it has not made a final decision. the memo was posted first on the web site, big not clear how many gitmo detainees would be transferred or when it would happen. >> there are new developments coming about iran's nuclear
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program. the foreign minister says they're ready for a fuel swap. iran saying that it is willing to exchange the bulk of its stock pile of enriched uranium for nuclear fuel rods as proposed by the united nations. however, iran says it wants to do that on its own timetable. in october, iran agreed to exchange 2600 pounds of uranium for fuel rods to power its research reactor. many nations, including the u.s., fear iran is continuing to develop its uranium enrichment capability in order to make a nuclear weapon. that is a charge iran denies. >> the national republican congressional committee is sizing up the field ahead of the midterm elections and it appears to like its chances in 2010. the committee putting out a press release this week, saying there are some vulnerable democrats that may retire next year instead of battling for
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reelection. meanwhile, take a look at the latest fox news opinion dynamics poll showing only 33% of voters approve of the job that current members of congress are doing. 59% say they don't like it. joining us now, former pennsylvania senator, fox news contributor rick santorum and former clinton-gore campaign advisor, richard goodstein. good to see you. >> hi. >> let me start with you if i can, richard, and ask you, if the retirements take place, the ones that already are in discussion and seem to be pretty clear, how significant could that be for democrats? >> so far we're not seeing anything like the number of retirements in this election cycle that we saw, for example, in the 1993 and '94 cycle where republicans had a huge year. i mean, we know from history that the incumbent party tends to lose in a midterm election. in this case, the democrats won not only in 2008, but had big wins in 2006 as well.
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the good news for democrats actually is that the economy seems to have bottomed out this year, not next year. if the trend lines look like they're going to be heading in a relatively positive direction, the other good thing for them is that i think frankly, very surprisingly, that president obama's numbers kind of weaker than they were some months ago, are not nearly what president reagan faced when he was facing 10% unemployment during his presidency. so for one reason or another, the public still seems to prefer president obama over the decisions that congressional republicans are making. we'll see how long that holds up. >> senator, there has been a lot of discussion among republicans about the options that they wanted to bring to not only the minds of americans, but also to those who are voting on health care and stimulus, even this end of the year bill and they have said that they're not being heard. their ideas are not being considered or incorporated. so what will the republicans have at the for front for the
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potential openings that are coming up that they can argue to the american people, this is what we've done? >> well, i mean, when you're at 40 votes in the united states senate and you have less than 200 members of the house, there is not much you can do. if you don't have the president, what you can do is articulate how you would do things differently than the people in charge. if you look at the numbers of president obama, his historic low as a president this time in his presidency, if you look at, as you mentioned, congressional approval, if you look at generic ballot, which the republicans are ahead for the first time in really, i don't remember. i think maybe ten years. the trends are clearly going the republican's way, because what the democrats have done here in washington, d.c. is just overreach. i mean, they tried to pass this huge health care bill, which the american public does not want them to do. that's going to be, to me, the real crux of what's going to happen in november, is whether
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they pass a bill or not. if they do, i think they're going to have losses that we've never seen before. if they don't, they might get away with less losses. if they pass something over the will of the american public, they'll pay a huge price in november. >> also i think americans will be watching very closely to see if it works. any of these measures. rid, are there democrats that have been identified already to take some of these slots, candidates that the democrats feel confident in so that they can secure these seats and keep them? >> right. there are quite a number. all the focus has been on all the democratic retirements. but the fact is, there are republican retirements as well that are presenting openings. take delaware, a state that obama and biden won handily. the former lieutenant governor, a democrat, looks like a pretty good bet to take the seat of mike castle, running for the senate. in illinois, mark kirk is running for the senator republican and dan fields, the democratic candidate who almost beat kirk there in a house race
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in 2006 and 08, looks like a pretty good bet. in new orleans, that was a seat won by republicans only because the democratic incumbent congressman jefferson, who is now in jail, was disgraced in 08. that's a district that obama won in 2008. so i think the democrats, whoever it will be, will be pretty much a lock to beat the current incumbent. you go down the list and actually there were quite a number of opportunities for democrats that, again, aren't getting a lot of attention because it seems like a weak ear, but it's not as bad as it seems. >> what about the gop, how are the recruiting efforts going and before you answer that, i want to just put up another poll for our viewers. this is a fox news opinion dynamics poll on where americans are in terms of making decisions when we think about mid terms. the voters what will they do? 14% say it's too soon to say. 4% say they don't know. i kind of put those two together in a way that a lot of people are undecided. historically, when do they
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decide and how are republicans doing at identifying those candidates that could put them in a very strong position where there are openings? >> well, they're doing great on candidate recruitment. overall, you're going to see races against democrats in marginal seats that you haven't seen in a long time. we've had a hard time in 2006 and 2008 recruiting candidates to run because of the tough election environment that the prior administration put us in. now our base is excited and when it gets to the question you just laid out there, yeah, if people are going to decide, many will decide late. the independents tend to decide late. our base is excited. they're going to be out there. they're going to be not only running in races, but they're going to be campaigning, giving money, raising more money than democrats. we're recruiting better candidates. i feel very, very good about our chances going into november, in part because again, the overreaching limit that occurred here in washington, d.c. >> i would like to ask you that
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before we end the segment, about the fact that in particular, let's say with the health care measure, it's something that americans will begin to be taxed on, people are going to see their paychecks have a lot of new taxes for different things. whether it's the stimulus or the health care or other costs that are happening in washington that we're all going to bear potentially even a war tax. are you concerned at all that americans won't feel the benefits of the things the democrats have said we need in time for that 2010 race? >> let me talk about the stimulus and talk about health care. even rincon mists like mark glandy with moody's who advised the mccain presidential campaign, says that the stimulus has reduced what would have otherwise been much higher unemployment and made gdp growth higher whereas it would have otherwise have been still negative. i don't think the democrats have done frankly a very good job selling the benefits of the stimulus, but i think economists across the spectrum think it has definitely shored things up.
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politically, that's a hard message to take to the public when there is 10% unemployment. with respect to health care, i think early next year, you'll see people who will be eligible for health care who are otherwise were facing barred because of preexisting conditions and other reasons who will be able to get health care. so yeah, i think what the democrats have to remind people is your health care costs were doubling every eight years as is. that's why your wages stagnated during the bush administration. we're going to help you out of that mess, whether it happens soon enough for them to see the benefits by election day 010, we'll -- 2010, we'll see. >> we'll follow it. thanks to both of you for joining me today, rick santorum and richard, always good to see you. >> thank you. >> a story that a lot of people are talking about this weekend. police in utah, ramping up their search for a missing mother of two. she is 28-year-old susan powell and she actually vanished last sunday. so almost a week ago. her family reported her missing
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the next day. this as her husband and the couple's two kids were apparently on a camping trip in freezing conditions. police now calling the disappearance highly suspicious. so what's going on here? adam is live in l.a. with the very latest on this. what do we know? >> reporter: we do know this, there has been a vigil held as family and friends, more than 100, say they're fasting and praying and doing whatever they can. 4,000 flyers have been passed out in the surrounding areas in the suburb of salt lake city. the story again goes, somewhat sus suspiciously, like this, last sunday evening, josh powell claims he took his four-year-old and two-year-old, about two hours or so west of salt lake city in very cold conditions to a remote area late in the evening to camp and he says he forgot what day it was. family and friends reported the family missing on monday because the wife, susan, the husband, josh, both didn't show up to work monday morning. the kids didn't show up at daycare. when he returned monday night, that's when the story unfolded.
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he claims he came back and his wife wasn't at home. >> something doesn't sound right about the whole story. what about the kids, do we know how they're doing, how the family is doing in general? >> reporter: we know that the family and friends are holding this vigil. susan's father has flown out. he spoke with fox yesterday. he did speak with our affiliate talking about his daughter and the search. hinting about some of his suspicion. here is part of that interview. take a listen. >> hope against hope in a way, as some people have mentioned, elizabeth smart came back and so maybe we'll be able to find her. >> west valley city police department say they have every single detective on this case. that's 30. but there are no searches going on right now. they did search the home, said there were no signs of forced entry and said susan's powers and cell phone were found there
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and her father says she would have never left without those. >> all right. adam in los angeles covering that story out of utah. thanks. >> we sure can feel it here. winter weather hitting much of the nation this weekend. the northeast no exception. take a look at this scene in buffalo. snow. the know plows and heavy equipment are out in force. there are whiteout conditions and forced the closure of two interstate highways. emergency crews staying busy. they're removing drivers from stranded cars and the rough weather is not over yet. nikki joining us with the latest. hi. >> hi. thanks. you're right. it's beginning to feel a lot like winter, from coast to coast, as we look at the northeast, you talk about buffalo, good news for the northeast as that lake effect machine shuts down. that helps those cleanup crews. we aren't going to be dealing with much. very, very light. that is going to change by
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tomorrow. but what also has changed is the temperatures. we were very, very cold last night. these are the ones now. compared to 24 hours ago, this is like a heat wave. as we take it down to the southeast, this is where we are seeing a lot of the stormy weather, this frontal boundary extending through the region, all the way along i-10 from new orleans through jacksonville, along i-20 from little rock to atlanta. the heavy rain persists. and this is going to make its way to the northeast by the early morning hours. that is going to provide some slick travel, especially in southern pennsylvania along the turnpike. also along the appalachians, in the west virginia region. joints-eagles game tomorrow, i think it's going to be wet weather because the good news is that cold air will flee and the warm air will push in. if you take it across country, very wet weather across the west. low pressure area has pushed onshore. rain from san francisco to los angeles. the sierra picking up one to two feet before all is said and
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done. if you're driving along i-80, be cautious. we'll see heavy mountain snow taking us all the way into our sunday. now back to you, jamie. stay warm. >> thanks. we will try. >> i like her song. >> she did sing. >> yeah. >> when we come back, celebrities lending their talent, bringing much needed cheer to our men and women at fort hood. just over a month after the shooting on a military post in u.s. history, the holiday healing when we come right back.
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the reopening of a business in washington is bringing a lot of emotion to the surface. it's the coffee shop where four police officers were shot and killed last month.
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they were getting ready for their shift when they were gunned down. the coffee shop opened its doors for the first time since the november 29th shooting and hundreds of police officers and other customers lined up for the reopening. the first in line, the police chief of lakewood. >> it's been a little more than a month since the horrific shootings at fort hood. the holidays are proving a difficult time for military personnel there and their families. but celebrities and military leaders are doing all they can to lift spirits, to heal and try to move on after the terrible tragedy. james irby from fox affiliate has this report. >> reporter: an all day concert, carnival ask a whole lot of food might seem like the last thing you would expect to see at fort hood, the sight of the deadliest shooting in u.s. history or is it what is needed. the theme today is community strong. >> what this is all about is
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telling the 50 some odd thousand troops at fort hood and their 150,000 family members that america, the central texas community, we're all in this together. >> reporter: on november 5, major nidal malik hasan opened fire, killing 13 people, including a pregnant woman. dozens more were injured. in the works before the shooting, but unveiled today, this reflection pond was created on what they call their resiliency canvas to help soldiers and their families remain resilient. sergeant joseph swigger hopes everyone enjoying what, to him, couldn't be a better idea. >> it means a lot. it shows family values after that kind of situation happening. i think it's nice to bring everyone together. >> reporter: actor gary sinise, says just being there is important at times like this. >> after this incident, i felt it was important to put something together and come down here and show our support here at fort hood. we want to make sure that all
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our troops around the world and their families know that we care about them and we're not going to forget about them when things like this happen. ♪ >> reporter: he wasn't alone. aaron lewis from the group, stain, another big name the uso brought in to intertape the crowd of soldiers, their family members and people from the killeen area around the post. another big name with a major sense of indebtedness to military men and women, rapper. >> when i started coming to military bases, started getting so much in sales that i couldn't even keep up. like, i had to get everybody start shipping and i started realizing the power. >> reporter: nick jonas focused on using his teen idol status speaking to the children of fort hood with a message that will help keep the entire community strong. >> the main thing i tried to say is just try to bring encouragement and put a smile on their face. >> one of the best things about the carnival and concert, it was all free. every bit of it. the money donated by people who
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were eager to help the fort hood community and our thanks again to ktbc's reporter james irby. >> kind hearted americans are making sure the nation's fallen soldiers are not forgotten this holiday season. the wreath of america program in its 18th year, volunteers laying more than 150,000 wreaths on head stones in arlington national cemetery and other burial sites around the nation. the main base wreath company, which began the tradition in donating 25,000 of its wreaths this year, wal-mart also landing its resources -- lending its resources to that project. >> when we come back, switching gears entirely, there is brand-new tiger woods news today. did you hear about this? he said he's taking a break from golf. he's going to try to reconnect with his family. so what does this mean for all of his endorsements that helped make him one of the first billion dollars athletes? we'll tell you. >> peaceful calls for government action on climate change turning violent in denmark.
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conflict on the streets of copenhagen, straight ahead.
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it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. senate democrats getting their magic number. they did get 60 votes and ended a republican filibuster to clear the way for the passage of the $1.1 trillion spending bill. >> also this saturday, al-qaeda release ago brand-new videotape featuring u.s. born spokesman
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adam gadan. in it, he accuses the united states and pakistan for framing. >> a search and rescue operation underway for three hikers that are believed to be stranded on mount hood. they sent a text message to a friend saying they were stuck. >> tiger woods caddy says that he had absolutely no knowledge of the golfer's indiscretions. his caddy react to go a sports writer's claim that he must have known of woods' reported affairs. the columnist even saying the caddy may have arranged some of tiger's liaisons. tiger says he's taking, quote, an indefinite break from golf to focus on his family and now a lot of his sponsors are deciding how they're going to respond. lawyer are ingle -- laura ingle, good to see you. >> there is a lot of money at stake, as we know, with all the endorsement deals. some will stick and some, at least one of tiger woods' big deals, will slowly start to fade, according to procter and
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grammible. they announced they will limit woods in its marketing programs while he gets his personal life on track, adding they're doing this to support the golf great while he's in the midst of a difficult and unfortunate situation. woods admitted infidelity for the first time last night in his statement about taking this indefinite break from golf. woods said on his web site that he is deeply aware of the disappointment and hurt that his infidelity has caused to so many people, most of all his wife and children. now, his caddy, steve williams, is speaking out. in an interview with new zealand sunday news newspaper, he said that he was angry that some sports writers had insinuated that he knew about woods' alleged affairs and possibly helped him set up liaisons on the road. he said he has no knowledge of the goffer's indiscretions, but did say woods admitted to him that he had a problem. but he didn't elaborate on what that was. many fans and fellow pros are talking about what woods absence
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on the pga tour will mean and open about the fact that woods has become the reason that mean people watch the game and are very anxious to have him back. >> golf needs him more than i think if they always say that there is nobody better than golf than the game itself. but right now in these times, there is and it's him. >> as far as woods other high profile sponsorships, nike which built its $65 million golf business around the superstar athlete has said the company supports his decision to take a break, at & t has said they right now are reevaluating their relationship with woods. back to you. >> laura ingle, thanks. the main u.s. ally in the invasion of iraq is speaking out. former british prime minister tony blair is showing no second guessing about the war. saying he would have supported removing saddam hussein from power even if it was known that the reak leader did not have weapons of mass destruction. dominic has more for us from
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baghdad. >> reporter: the last time we heard tony blair speak at length about why we went to war was some 2 1/2 years ago, just after he left power. early next year, he's going to face the iraq war inquiry current lee underway in the u.k. he'll be something of a star witness. but today's bombshell is something we thought he might have saved until then. he told the bbc that he was worried back in 2003 that saddam could start a nuclear arms race in the middle east. >> with the notion of him as threat to the region of which the development of wmd was one and because he had need -- he used chemical weapons on his own people. so this was obviously the thing that was uppermost in my mind, the threat to the region. >> blair's announcement of iraq's supposed weapons of mass destruction in 2003 was part of what has now become apparent during the inquiry, premeditated policy by blair and george w. bush to remove saddam.
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today blair said he would still toppled saddam, but he would have, quote, used and deployed different arguments. he sent 40,000 of his troops to iraq, 180 of them were killed. all the same, blair said he thinks we're better off without saddam and his two sons. >> blair was also at pains to say his religious faith played no direct part in his decision. he convert to do catholicism soon after leaving power and he's being concerned that he was seen as a modern day christian crusader. jamie, the bbc interview hasn't gone down well. the iraqis say the democracy doesn't serve the people. only politicians who want to line their pockets. there is still violence and dead ly incidents here. some people say that while saddam was an oppressor, their was relative peace. back to you. >> thank you so much. rick? >> massive protests on the streets of copenhagen where tens
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of thousands of demonstrators turned out, calling for countries to take action on climate change. the protests started peacefully. but police say they've arrested hundreds of people for throwing bricks and breaking windows. it wasn't all turmoil in the streets of copenhagen. protesters also hold ago peaceful candlelight vigil hoping that the climate summit will result in some kind of an international deal. world leaders, including president obama, will meet in the danish capitol next week to negotiate on a final agreement. despite all the recent headlines about health care, afghanistan and climate change, a new fox news opinion dynamics poll finds those are not the issues most americans want our government to tackle right now. take a look at this. 27% say the federal government should be working on fixing the economy. 26% say the feds should be trying to create jobs. while health care, iraq and afghanistan and reducing the deficit come in third, fourth and fifth. global warming is 7th with
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just 2% of the vote. new year's eve is only a few weeks away. 2009 is on the way out. so is the decade and whatever we called it. but what a decade it's been. bubbles bursting on wall street, millions of people on the unemployment lines, the economy still on the ropes. look at this. time magazine calls it the decade from hell. good news in short supply on so many fronts, but does the future look brighter? my next guest has been looking at historic economic patterns and he says a new boom period may, may just be right around the corner. john markman is a columnist with msn money, good to see you. thanks for being here. and before we look ahead, let's look back while we can on this decade that's closing up shop here. what do you think will be the biggest lesson that we'll take with us into the next ten years? >> i think the main lesson we learned is that people and companies should not become overleverraged and shouldn't
6:38 pm
borrow so much. a lot of the problems that both the country and individuals had was overborrowing and those -- both of those overborrowing led to the troubles, the bear market we had in 2000 and 2002, as well as the bear market we had in 2007 to 2009. and i think that people's expectations that borrowing is good and should be overdone, diminished. we'll be moving into a period in which people will be better able to supply the money until it's necessary for a boom in the next ten years. >> let's talk about the next ten years. because like me, you're an optimist. it's not so easy to be an optimist these days. tell us why you're so bullish about the tens, if we could start calling it the tens. what is it about the next decade that you think is going to mean good news for us? >> the fact that people are so unhappy is a great sign. we've gone through two bear markets, we had two recessions.
6:39 pm
people's wages are down. unemployment is up. people's expectations are just thrashed. if you compare that to the way people felt in 1999, people were extremely optimistic. nasdaq up 1,000% over the previous ten years. people were so excited about the coming decade that the reality was bound to disappointment. going into the next decade, people's expectations are thrashed. only good things can happen. this happened many times in the past. >> let's talk about sort of what the next big thing, or what some vieses might be, 'cause you yet about this in your latest column and i found it very interesting. if you've read about it, or reading about it in the "wall street journal," it's probably too late to latch onto the next big thing. but you say agriculture really is sort of -- stands on the horizon as a really big opportunity. why? >> you lost your audio. that's too bad.
6:40 pm
let's see if we can get it back. all right. we're going to try to reestablish audio with john markman who writes a column for msn, money. he was talking about agriculture and some of the agriculture stocks as being something to look at. >> i was taking notes. >> he also thinks gold is going to continue to be a good investment so people can check that out. >> which is interesting because it's so high. now they're saying maybe there is some time to get into gold. >> if you want to get me something for the holidays, gold is a girl's best friend, or is it diamonds? i don't know. you decide. >> john markman, sorry about the technical problem and we appreciate him coming on and try to get him real soon. >> a job is something you need. it will keep you on your toes. it will provide a ton of adventure. does it sound ideal to you? well, there are a few hazards to the job that you can see. you have to have quick reflexes, quicker than this. you can't be squeamish and the work may involve, yes, some sharp teeth. we'll tell you more next.
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taking a look at our top stories right now, there is a new videotape that came out from american born al-qaeda spokesman. he's accusing the u.s. and pakistan of framing the terror group's for repeat bombings that
6:45 pm
killed civilians in pakistan. >> police in utah stepping up the search for a missing mother of two. she mysteriously disappearing on sunday while her husband was apparently on a camping trip with the couple's two young sons. police calling the disappearance highly suspicious. >> senate democrats winning a crucial vote on a huge end of the year spending bill. the 60-34 vote setting up a final vote tomorrow afternoon on the more than $1 trillion measure. this developing story that we're watching out of oregon, rescuers are searching right now for three missing hikers that are trapped on mount hood. police say these hikers had a cell phone and they sent a message, a text message, to a friend saying they were stuck. the message came through early this morning about 1:00 a.m. and search teams, they are now out on mount hood and the oregon national guard is preparing to prepare an aerial search. we are told they are experienced mountain climbers. they have equipment that they may need. there are more details as they come into our news room.
6:46 pm
>> all right. wait for this story. looking for a job that is stress free, not too rough? then don't apply to be an alligator trapper because that's gators get in all kinds of places. >> reporter: this ten footer just hanging outside a home in the community near saint pierce burg, florida. trappers came to grab the thing, but the gator really didn't want to go quietly. then it went into a death roll. which is perhaps more effective in a lake than on a lawn. still, the gator put up a good fight before suffering the final indignity of duct tape. that's often how it goes for wayward gators. but others have more interesting adventures. this one popped up in a pool right before a scheduled swim party. >> it was pretty bizarre. i was at work and got the phone call. i heard screaming on the other end. i rush home from work and there he was. >> reporter: this american alligator, somehow wound up in a scout camp all the way in
6:47 pm
australia. >> he looked like he had a mess in his teeth. >> reporter: they're quite brave. >> two of us grabbed a volleyball net and managed to get it out of the top and one of the guys jumped on his back and pushed his face down. >> that skid mark looking thing? >> reporter: in texas, a woman says her dog tipped her off to gator trouble. >> i was sitting there drinking coffee and my dogs were out and started raising contain and i came out here and saw the gator sitting out in the pond. >> reporter: that gator didn't make things easy for the game warden either. just kept dumping -- ducking under the water. state troopers had an easier time locating one. they found it sitting in a car during a traffic stop. >> there is a six foot alligator laying in the back seat. >> reporter: but in the end, most gators had thank come too close wind up like this one from florida this week, taped, tieed, and tossed in the back of a
6:48 pm
truck. >> shepherd smith, thank you very much. they get around, don't they? >> six feet in the back of a daughter? >> how about the american gator that made it to australia. how do you think that happened? >> i have a feeling it was in somebody's suitcase. that's incredible. >> he is somebody's suitcase now. >> okay. the holidays are a great time to shower the ones you love with gifts. how about you, you're important, too. right? consumer reports joining us with a topic for gifts to treat yourself this happy holiday season. take a look at new york city.
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6:52 pm
all right, everybody. welcome back. the holiday season is supposed to be all about giving. giving. not just to those around you. there are plenty of wonderful gifts out there that if you feel like treating yourself to something nice, we got some ideas for you. >> we went to consumer reports. they're offering their best picks for the best holiday gifts to stuff in your own stocking. jamie is joining us from the magazine to show us how. we were talking about giving yourself something, but you are way too generous.
6:53 pm
look at what rick got me. potato chips. but they're okay. right? >> these were among the lower fat snacks that we tasted in our sensory labs. two samples. also these are granola bars. our taste testers tried dozens of lower fat versions of high fat snacks and came up with 15 that are tasty enough to try. these are three of them. still have to watch portions, but you can feel dekent about snacking on. >> i can't sit and eat the whole bag? >> no. >> this is a bottle of red wine. particular brand that you're saying is a good buy for taking care of yourself? >> this comes from whole foods. it's only $7 a bottle. it's a cab. and wine in moderation is a great thing to do for your health. red or white. research is showing that both have about equal heart protecting abilities. keep it moderate.
6:54 pm
a glass or so a day for women. two for men. >> two for men. >> i guess we can only look at it. what do you have there? >> a lot of people are going to be making new year's resolutions to get themselves in shape. so you got fitness ideas and stuff we can get for ourselves to help out with that. >> one thing we recommend doing for your home is you can get small home exercise equipment pieces. really build your own mini home gym for under $100, which is like less than the price of some of those infomercial gadgets. you can start with an exercise mat, 13 to $20 on average. and get some light dumb bell, maybe a stability ball, which you can use as a desk chair. >> i've done that. i want to make clear, this shoe is not my size. i do not wear this size. this particular brand is one you recommend? >> yeah. these are apex. for men and women, the gel were the top performers and only $65
6:55 pm
a pair. good price for shoes. >> i want to put the mascara down. a lot of people like their teeth to be a little whiter. but going to the dentist and actually having it done professionally, that's pretty expensive. there are other less expensive options, though? >> we tested eight at home tooth whitening kits and we found one that you're holding here was the top performer. the crest white strips, the cream. these are all over the counter. this one you have to get from a dentist office or on-line. most of the others are available at drugstores. slightly stronger strength, but it is over the counter, do it yourself at home. and $50 and it really noticeably whitens teeth. >> p when they first talked to us about this segment, i said that i'm fit and rick is fabulous. so it's just perfect. you have the fit section. now to the fabulous. perhaps this can help rick. you should know, oil of olay total effect, you can spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on face cream.
6:56 pm
what about the olay products? >> we tested eye creams to see how well they erase fine lines around the eyes and we found this olay product was as good or better than pricier department store or other brands. >> for my age spots. >> you can get this at drugstores anywhere in the country and this was as good or better than pretty much anything else. >> that's great information because everybody can do a little something, but you can't always spend the big prices. the mascara, i'm baffled. this is part of the fit or fabulous part? >> this is the fabulous. this is where we're lumping person care products in here with the health products. and these two were among our best performing mascaras, the last time we tested black mascaras, the top model was alaincome. >> lashes. >> jamie from consumer reports, thank you so much. >> great job. stick around. the fox report with julie
6:57 pm
banderas is coming up next. >> merry christmas, everybody. stuff your stockings. >> happy hanukkah. ever worn your clothes in the shower? if you're using other moisturizing body washes, you might as well be. you see, their moisturizer sits on top of skin, almost as if you're wearing it. only new dove deep moisture has nutriummoisture, a breakthrough formula with natural moisturizers... that can nourish deep down. it's the most effective natural nourishment ever.
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